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In May of 2017, after an extensive amount of research and shopping I ordered a John Deere 4066R. I took delivery in July of 2017 and as of December 2020 I have put 310 hrs on it. Taking the time to design this machine and install the correct kits and attachments has made it an asset to taking care of our property. 

2017 4066R - Delivered in July 2017

Ordered with:

- H180 Mechanical Self Leveling Loader

- Frontier BB4178 Hydraulic Scarifier Box Blade

- Notch (brand) 8' Snow Pusher

- MDS (brand) Pallet forks

Special Equipment on tractor and loader:

- Engine Coolant Heater

- 4th and 5th SCV Kit

- Electrohydraulic 3rd SCV

- Three Point Downforce Kit

- Telescoping Draft Links

- Beacon Warning Light

- Two rear wheel weights (110 lb) for each wheel

- Front weight bracket

- Skid steer carrier for loader

- Skid steer bucket over regular bucket

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