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My general parts inventory is mostly John Deere 300 and 400 series garden tractors. I do also have some literature and odds and ends for larger machines and attachments. I have some of these items listed in the small items for sale. However, if you need a part drop me a note and I will see what I have. Below is a list of parts I will try to keep up to date on things I generally have on hand or can find easily. 

For John Deere 318's and comparable models

- Sundstrand 15U hydraulic pumps - both styles

- Rear differentials

- 5 port steering columns

- Rear turf tires

- Front tires - some 25 mm others 1 inch spindles

- Onan parts - P218 and some B43

- Some mower deck parts (spindles, mule drives etc)

- Driveshafts (engine to transmission)

- Hydraulic couplers

- Time delay control modules

- Side panels

- Onan P218 engine tins

For John Deere 420's 

- Steering cylinders

- Front spindles (1 inch style)

- Side panels


54HC Deck Parts

- I have numerous 54HC decks

- Gear boxes

- Spindles

- Types of caster wheels

If you do not see a part listed here please feel free to ask. 

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